Saturday, 1 October 2016

SVTEC September 2016 Newsletter

The latest newsletter compiled by the Club Editor John Stickland has been circulated to email recipients today.
The printed copies to non-email members will be posted during the next few days.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Report of Section Organizers Meeting

The Section organizers meeting held at Fromebridge Mill on Tuesday 27th September was attended by about 50 people. Martyn Slater opened the meeting with a short review of the 2016 Extravaganza, explaining that the show had been well very attended and held in very good dry, sunny weather. Preliminary estimates indicate that the surplus income should be the best we had received. A few things will require modification for future events particularly with regard to security both on site and at exhibitor gate, however the the changes to traffic management seemed to be successful.
Reports were received from all those present on their section, and some useful discussions took place, with positive feedback and suggestions.
a vote of thanks was made to Martyn and John Keedwell for their dedication in the organisation of the Extravaganza.
The meeting closed with an informal buffet and general conversation.  

Monday, 26 September 2016

Section Leaders Meeting - Tuesday 27th September 2016

SVTEC Extravaganza Section Organizers and assistants are invited to attend the meeting to be held at Fromebridge Mill 7:30 pm. 
The intention of the meeting is to give a breakdown of the 2016 Extravaganza weekend, and to receive reports from Section Organizers in order to improve the Show for 2017 and beyond. 
As usual, a light buffet will be provided.